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Hello all! This is an interactive wiki board where you can “EDIT” the page. A book exchange is simply this: if you have read a good book recently and would like to recommend it to others, add it to the list on the wiki board. In this way we can take titles which interest us and read them as well.

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You should list the TITLE, AUTHOR and if you want a brief summary as to what it is about for us to read.

Enter Reccomendations from 2009-2010 School Year

Hate that Cat by Sharron Creech: This is a continuing saga of Jack and Ms. Stretchberries poetry journal writing in the 5th grade this time. Jack is still mourning the loss of his pet but a new foe becomes his muse. He can't get over this hateful black cat who seems to be always up to no good. He leads us through a journey of acceptance integrating the poetry he has studied in his writing.

Reccomendations from 2008-2009 School Year Deltona Middle School

Whispers from the Bay by John Tkac: This is a story about a young boy named Mike who discovers he can communicate with dolphins. Set in Florida, this young boy and his dolphin friends help each other and others using their special powers which come from an unusual source. Read this telepathic adventure for more. (PS- there are sequels to come-the next book is due to be released SUMMER 09!) Posted by CM

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins: This book is the first of the Underland Chronicles. Eleven year old Gregor and his little sister Boots fall through a grate in the laundry room, landing in the Underland, where there are giant spiders, rats, cockroaches and humans. A prophecy foretells that the Underland's future depends on an Overlander, possibly Gregor, and an adventure begins. Posted by K.Donlevy

Cracker The Best Dog In Vietnam by Cynthia Kadohata. Cracker a German Shepherd trained to sniff out bombs, traps, and the enemy. The fate entire platoons rest on her keen sense of smell. She`s a Big Deal, and she likes it that way. Sometimes she remembers when she was younger, and her previous owner would feed her hot dogs and let her sleep on his bed. That was nice to. Rick Hanski is paired with Cracker. There off to Vietnam, where they are going to whip the world. Will they make it out alive???????? Posted by C.Woehr

High Calling by Evelyn Husband: This is the story of Columbia Astronaut's Rick Husbands life. He died on Febuary 1st 2003 in the Columbia accident. This is a bioography on Rick's life and faith written by his wife; Evelyn Husband. I wouldn't have picked up this book if it wasn't for Mrs. Leavitt's book report!!! A must read for science lovers!!! Posted by A.Marion

Drums Girls And Dangerous Pie Young Steven`s love life is ruined when his borther is diagnosed with leukemia. Steven is faced with social problems. posted by Caleb Woehr

Project Mulberry A young Korean, Julia, is working with her friend on an animal project. They couldn't think of anything until Julia's mom mentioned silkworms. Julia thought it was too Korean, but Patrick loved the idea of that even though he had a phobia of worms. Now Julia has to stop this project before it get's way too Korean. posted by Taylor Schuler

The Lightning Thief is a book where The Greek Gods are still living today! Percy Jackson is the son of the Sea God and he is the kid that controls he future of Olympus, or is he? Zues, the sky god, has had his Lightning bolt missing, and Percy Jackson, and his allies Grover and Annabeth go and try to retrieve it while trying to be murdered constantly. By-Gisselle Cruz

HEAT- Mike Lupica: Michael is a twelve year old boy who plays little league and lives in New York City. He is also a Cuban immigrant. Michael’s brother is seventeen and about to have a birthday. The boys’ father dies before Carlos’ birthday. The boys are now living in secret without their father so they do not get placed in foster care. Michael’s best friend Manny, his catcher, knows the secret and helps Michael hide it from teachers, friends and especially his baseball coach. The boys idolize El Grande, a pitcher and Michael want to be just like him. Michael’s journey is told through his baseball season and has a few twist and turn when his age and living situation is challenged.

Once Upon a Marigold- Jean Ferris: Ed, a troll who is just happy with his life stumbles across a young boy named Christian in the woods. Christian, who is dressed in a blue velvet suit, refuses to go back to his home and threatens Ed in the process. The two form a father and son bond until Christian gets older and becomes aware that he has some purpose in life besides trying to take over Queen Mab’s tooth fairy monopoly. He begins to watch the castle from afar and notices a princess. Not a normal princess, Marigold is a loner and also different from her sisters. Christian strikes up a relationship with the damsel though p-mail (yes, pigeon carrier mail), while remaining anonymous. Christian and Marigold are brought together in a most peculiar way in this fairy tale comedy romance unlike no other.

Snap- Alison McGhee: This novel is about two friends, Edwina Stiles Becky and Sally Wilmarth Hobart. Edwina, who they call Eddie, wears an array of colored bracelets on her arm and snaps them whenever she does the things each is to remind her of. She is a girl who makes lists and tries to imagine the world in an orderly and precise manner. The two best friends spend a lot of time with Sally’s grandmother Willie. They eat donuts together every Sunday morning. Sally’s mother was a young girl when she had Sally and does not speak much to anyone. Sally is mainly raised and influenced by Willie and her loving personality. Then Sally and Eddie had a heartbreaking event happen. Willie fell ill and there were no more donuts on Sunday and a part of Sally was dying with her grandmother. The girls try to act normal and go camping or play around the cabin but it is no use Sally is crushed. Eddie realizes that she cannot control the world through rubber bands or lists. She recognizes that the world is unpredictable and uncontrollable. This book is a reflection of friendship and trials that is displayed through these two girls relationship.

That Summer- by Sarah Dessen- this book is about a girl named Haven, she is 15 and alot is going on in her life right now.her dad's wedding, her sister's wedding, and alot of other stuff. not to mention she is almost 6 ft tall and STILL GROWING!!! Haven barely knows who she is anymore, where she fits in. then her sister's old boyfriend, Sumner Lee shows up, and sparks her memories of that summer when her parents were happy, and her sister and everyone else was pluky and carefree, or so it seemed... read the book to find out more!!!!!

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen: Brian Robeson’s plane wrecks in the wilderness of Canada. Faced with a dark secret about his mother and the need to survive, he becomes a more than a boy who was once part of a broken home. He has to apply everything he knows when troubles arise. In order to survive he fights his battles and “buries the hatchet” of his past for a chance of rescue.

!STARGIRL!by;JERRY; is a great book to read it is about this one girl who is new to mica high in arzonia and she is a little different from ordinary and it's because she wear's different clothes the other thing is because she brings her rat to school and talks to it and brings her ukelele to school and sings happy brithday to them when they least supspect it and they are suprised them. the next month the head cheerleader came to stargirl and told her that they wanted her to come join them and cheer for the basket ball game and for the rest of the year and then that year the school had team then ever and the team came from the losing team to the undefeatable team because of her joyful cheering. then star girl gave out valintime's card's in leo's card it said love you and leo didn't know wha to think of it and then he found out in his heart that he loved her to and they went out then something happen's , AND THE REST OF IT YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT BY READING THE REST OF IT . HOPE YOU INJOYED IT LIKE I DID.

MISMATCH by Lensey Namioka: Sue Hua is an ordinary chinese-amreican girl wh omoves to seattle.
She is new to the school and then when she comes in she sees a boy. when she gets introduced to
him she figures out that his name is Andy Suzuki, and imediatly she figures out that she can never go
out with him. why? because he is a japanese-american. so whats so important about that? the importance
is that sue's grandmother was part of the japanese invasion on china. the cruel japanese soldiars beat
her parents and broke her things. coincedentaly andy's father dislikes the chinese because he was treated
disrespectally on a buissness trip to bejing. now both andy and sue like each other very much. but what
happens when both of them have an orchestra trip to Tokyo? READ IT AND FIGURE IT OUT! by Kruti Patel